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Day #37: The End of Days


#37: The End of Days

Zombie movies and movies about the end of the world got super popular a few years ago. Living in redneck filled Iowa, I have heard so many people say, “It’d be so easy to survive. I just need my gun and me,” as if it would be that simple. I guess I’ve spent a few nights pondering the idea of what I’d do. First off, if it’s a world full of zombies and monsters, I would most likely just kill myself. I know this sounds really bad, but as bad as my anxiety is already, throw in monsters trying to eat me, and yeah, I would rather be dead. The family farm is about ten minutes from here, and that would be where I’d set up camp. My uncle is a tool dealer, so we would be set with any tools we would need, and it’s right next to a forest with loads of turkey, deer, and all kinds of wild game. A river is nearby for fishing, bathing, and water, as well as apple trees, raspberry bushes, cherry trees all around the area. I know some of you are thinking, this is just like Hershel’s farm from The Walking Dead. It kind of is, except they have no livestock anymore. The plan would be to get a garden going, grow some crops, and just try to stay alive. I’m not sure how useful I would be. I’m not the outdoorsy type nor the mechanical type. My dad and uncle would really come in handy knowing how to work on all of those things. If the civilized world went down, I would make it my mission to collect as many books as I could to try and keep the history of the previous world around. Anything informative, because with no internet, you never know what you might actually need to know. Besides, you’d need some way to entertain yourself with no electricity. I’d be so scared to have sex in this world for two reasons. 1. We would be really stinky most likely. 2. I don’t want any kids or prego women to be in this world. Delivering it would be interesting. Finding a doctor would be nearly impossible, but I guess having birthed livestock again, my dad and uncle would come in handy. If you like stuff like this, I highly recommend reading The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. I guess I wouldn’t be useful in that new world, but the real question is, am I even useful now?

Everyday I will be posting an entry in my writing challenge 100 Days which has been collected into a print collection. If you are interested in purchasing a print collection: http://www.lulu.com/shop/austin-hamblin/100-days/paperback/product-23916414.html

Kayla and I have also started a weekly podcast. You can check it out here: https://anchor.fm/austin-allen-hamblin It's called In the Bed with Austin and Kayla because we literally record it as we lay in bed!

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