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Day #44: Things I want to Accomplish Through Writing

#44: Things I Want to Accomplish Through Writing

This is more of a list..

-make a living writing

-write a book

-write a cartoon/episode of a cartoon

-become a New York Times best selling author

-be told someone I am a fan of is a fan of my work

-be on a panel at San Diego Comic Con

-write a movie

-write a manga which appears in a weekly or monthly magazine in Japan

-write for the WWE in some capacity

-be on a cable talk show

-give a college commencement speech

Characters I’d like to write:

-Blue Beetle/Booster Gold

-Marvel Two in One

-The Punisher

-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

-Batman the Brave and the Bold

-Fantastic Four

-Green Arrow



-The Flash

-John Carter of Mars


-Hack Slash


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