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Odds and Ends Kickstarter

I currently have a kickstarter running for 14 more days. It's already funded, but I could still use any support. Here is the skinny:

Odds and Ends is a collection of short writings (both fiction and non). This collection of writings is basically me just writing on whatever I felt like writing about. Sometimes I wrote about comic books or movies I enjoy, other times I wrote short sci-fi stories, riddles, or personal essays. Heck I even wrote a cheesy porn script. My goal in life is to make a living writing, but I also think it's important to write things because I want to. I had fun writing this and sometimes the topics cover were therapeutic for me. I wanted to explore topics which maybe I'd never written before or had some micro fiction I wanted out of my head. This all started as a save file called "What I want". In this document I wrote about whatever and eventually I though to myself I should publish this in a book people might get a kick out of it.

Somethings I talk about through the 120 pages of content are... John Cena, Zombie Penguins, Sending Nudes, Journals, Captains Log, Rebuilding, The Animal Master, Free Writes, Writing Prompts, Food Fights, Mr. Funky, all the women I dated before my wife, Piracy, Teachers, etc. I also answer such questions as "What if God is dead?", "What if I had a television network?", and "What's marriage like in the afterlife?". I pull no punches and this is definitely not for children or the faint of heart. 


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