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The Adventures of Punk and Rock Vol. 2 Issue #1 Script

This script looks different from most of mine. When I work with the great Scott Twells I keep the script loose. Every collaboration is different and this works best for us.

The Adventures of Punk and Rock

Volume 2 Issue #1

Story/Art: Scott Twells

Script: Austin Allen Hamblin

Page #1:

Panel #1:

We see Punk and Rock with long beards and riggity clothes. Punk is pointing towards the reader.

Punk: Rock look! They’re back!

Rock: Holy nuts they are!

Panel #2:

Close up of Punk’s torso holding both of his hands up with palms out towards the read.

Punk: For the record it’s not our fault you haven’t seen us in a while…

Panel #3:

We see a split panel with Scott on one side on the phone talking to Austin on the other.

Caption: (Punk narrating): Here’s how it went down…

Caption: Scott Twells Artist

Caption: Austin Allen Hamblin Writer

Scott: Man kickstarter went well for the first volume!

Austin: Yeah everything turned out awesome!

Scott: Can’t wait to get started on the next issue I emailed you over some ideas.

Austin: Awesome man lets keep this momentum going!

Panel #4:

We see Austin sitting at his computer.

Panel #5:

We see Austin sitting at his computer the exact same way. We see the head of a woman (Kayla) in the background.

Caption: Two Months Later.

Kayla: Dude you really need to shower.

Panel #6

Zoom in on Austin’s face like he has realized something.

Caption: 4 Months Later

Austin: Man I still can’t believe it’s not butter. Wait how long was out..?

Page #2:

Panel #1:

We see Rat face flying away on a space ship while Punk and Rock are on the ground. Ratface is flipping them off out the window.

Caption (Punk Narrating): Since you last saw us ratface stole our spaceship leaving us on this apparently uninhabited planet.

Panel #2:

We see Punk and Rock sitting on the ground.

Caption: The narrator up and left us in search of work..

Rock: Been quiet lately don’t you think?

Panel #3:

We see Punk and Rock sleeping and a small asteroid is flying through the air .

Caption: Then well this happened…

Panel #4:

Small panel of a little tv slamming into the ground.

Panel #5:

View from as if we are the tv looking up at punk and rock looking down.

Rock: My prayers have been answered!

Punk: No way are we going to get any channels out here.

Panel #6:

Close up to the tv as it says press here pointing to a button.

Page #3:

Panel #1:

We see an alien in a suit it looks like a robot cat.

Cat(Singing): My name is kitty cat and I’ve been hired to say…..

Panel #2:

The cat is in front of Punk and Rock’s house.

Cat(singing): You must find a new place to stay! You’ve been….

Panel #3:

We see the cat doing the long leg kicks like the rocketeers with a bunch of sexy type female aliens.

Cat(singing): Evicted! Evicted! The bank now owns your house!

Panel #4:

The cat is wearing a top hat playing a guitar.

Cat(Singing): You must go back to the streets or back to mom and dad’s!

Panel #5:

The cat is holding the mic, breathing hard, and a bucket is above him water has been dumped on him.

Cat(singing): The song is done and that is all check me out on spotify dot com!!!!!

Panel #6:

We look at a very confused Punk and Rock.

Punk: I don’t know how to feel…

Rock: Yeah no more house, but I feel like that cat is going places.

Page #4:

Panel #1:

We are outside punk and rocks house it has a “For Sale” sign in front of it. Meanwhile we see two aliens in a repo truck. We see from behind a hooded figure.

Panel #2:

We see the hooded figure from behind he is near the two aliens at the repo truck.

Hoodie: Excuse me, could you point me in the directions of the owners of this house?

Panel #3:

Both of the aliens crack up laughing.

Alien #1: You mean the bank?

Alien #2: The chumps who owned this before didn’t pay so we got hired to clean it out.

Panel #4:

We get a front on view of the hoodied man, but still can’t see his face becase of a shadow.

Hoodie: My apologize. Do you have any idea where the previous residents may be?

Panel #5:

One of the aliens hands hoodie a picture.

Alien: Maybe this guy would know he was staying here when we showed up. You interested in buying any porno mags or cockroaches this place was full of them.

Panel #6:

We see the hoodied figure waving goodbye.

Hoodie: No thanks I’m all set with you know the free stuff online…

Panel #7:

Zoom in on the picture the alien gave him and its Ratface.

Page #5:

Panel #1:

We see Rock holding a round type rock with a crudely draw face on it.

Rock: Punk I want you to meet my new friend his name is Winslow.

Punk: Get rid of that thing we are trying to stay sane no imaginary friends.

Panel #2:

We see Rock look at Winslow.

Rock: You’rr right Punk. Sorry Winslow you just aren’t real.

Panel #3:

Little Rock has thrown Winslow on the ground. Blood is on little rock’s face.

Panel #4:

We look at the ground to see the top of Winslow’s head open his brain out.

Winslow: Why? Why would you do this to me…? I was going to get you both out of here…..

Panel #5:

Little Rock jumps on Punk.

Rock: You bastard! You made me kill me!

Panel #6:

View as if we are on the ground looking up as Rock throws punches to Punk on the ground.

Rock: He was the only friend I ever had!

Page #6:

Panel #1:

A cloud of dust with fists and legs coming out at random points.

Caption: I hate you! Your never their for me!

Caption: Dude I’ve been your only friend since kindergarden.

Caption: Only because no one liked you!

Caption: No one liked you either!

Panel #2:

They are both laying on the ground on their backs we are looking from above them down on them.

Caption: 30 Seconds Later.

Punk: Do you even remember how we meet?

Rock: Of course.

Panel #3:

We see young punk and rock sitting on a carpet surrounded by a bunch of other young aliens.

Caption: We where in kindergarten…

Panel #4:

We look on to the teacher who is a blob/slug type alien.

Teacher: Today we will be talking about General James T. Hooker.

Sound Effect: HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

Panel #5:

We see Punk and Rock laughing really hard while all the other kids look on not understanding. We see the back of the teacher.


Teacher: Stop laughing you two don’t even know what a hooker is!

Page #7:

Panel #1:

We zoom in on the young Punk who has a duh look on his face.

Punk: Of course I know what a hooker is my mom is one! She gets paid to shit on people!

Panel #2:

Rock is in the corner and the rest of the panel is a older rock monster similar to him with hooks for hands and legs.

Rock: Wrong! My uncle is a hooker ever time he has to poop his screams decrease property values it hilarious!

Panel #3:

Close up of Punk.

Punk: I think she needs to be a hooker she looks like she has to go.

Panel #4:

Close up of Rock.

Rock: She would be a terrible hooker!

Panel #5:

We see the teacher who is now on fire and extremely angry.

Teacher: Punk…Rock…DETENTION NOW!

Page #8:

Panel #1:

We see Punk with his palm over his face (facepalmed).

Punk: Rock that wasn’t even close…

Rock: Then how did we meet?

Panel #2:

We see a leaf blowing in the wind.

Panel #3:

We see Rock in a suit sitting at the bus station with a box of chocolates in his hand.

Panel #4:

Rock turns to the woman next to him.

Rock: I am going to meet this girl I’ve been stalking for three years today!

Sound Effect: AGHHHH!!!!

Panel #5:

We see the city is overcome with zombies all who have lightsabers.

Page #9:

Panel #1:

Punk is holding up his hand with one finger out.

Punk: First off I wasn’t even in that story… Second you combined Forest Gump, The Walking Dead, and Star Wars….

Panel #2:

We see a very buff robot cyborg in his spaceship which has a bloody axe in the seat next to him and the ship is filled with different alien heads.

Robot: Scan surrounding planets for signs of life. I’ve got an itch and the only way to scratch it is with killin’

Panel #3:

A light lights up on his dash.

Caption(Ship talking): Two life forms have been detected within a travel of five minutes.

Robot: Set course! We are headed down murder lane!

Panel #4:

We see the ship flying towards the planet.

Page #10:

Panel #1:

We see both Punk and Rock leaned up against a palm tree one on each side.

Rock: Hey Punk?

Punk: Yes…

Rock: Watcha thinkin’ about..?

Panel #2:

We see alien babes in bikinis, beer, a video game system next to a big tv, and a ton of good looking food.

Caption (Punk): All the stuff I miss about home…

Panel #3:

We see a bunch of different weird smut magazines.

Rock: Same here.

Panel #4:

We see Ratface with two aliens sitting next to him at a bar.

Caption(Rock): I even miss Ratface..

Ratface: So I shoot both of them in the face and took their wives! I’m pretty much a bad ass.

Panel #5:

The hooded figure has now entered the bar towards the back headed towards Ratface.

Random Alien: I haven’t seen Punk and Rock in a while.. Punk borrowed my ship and never brought it back if I ever see him again I’ll kill him.

Random Alien #2: I’d help bastard sold me a timeshare…

Panel #6:

We see a gun held up next to Ratface’s face.

Hooded figure(Off panel): Speaking of Punk and Rock….

Page #11:

Panel #1:

We see Ratface and the other two aliens tied up in chairs in a back alley. We see the shadowy figure of the hooded figure.

Hood: Who can give me any information which could lead me to Punk and Rock?

Radom Alien: I wish I knew where they where!

Random Alien: I never even got to use the timeshare before the volcano planet erupted.

Panel #2:

The gun is shoved under Ratface’s chin.

Hood: As the notorious third wheel I have a good feeling you know how to find them.

Ratface: Look man I don’t even know any Punks or Rocks!

Panel #3:

We look on to the hooded figure holding a picture of rock passed out drawn on in sharpies with Punk and Ratface laughing.

Hood: Explain this.

Panel #4:

Close up of Ratface’s face.

Rat: Um…what is photoshop?

Panel #5:

The gun is next to rat face’s head and the hooded figure is whispering to him.

Hood: Let’s see if your head is as full of shit as the rest of you.

Panel #6:

Rat: Fine I’ll talk!

Page #12:

Panel #1:

The cyborg puts his hands on both Punk and Rock.

Cyborg: You guys need a lift?

Panel #2:

Close up of Punk and Rock with huge smiles.

Panel #3:

They are both hugging the cyborg.

Thank you is written all over this panel.

Panel #4:

The cyborg opens the door to his ship with tons of heads falling out.

Cyborg: Ignore those…uh… you never start decorating for Halloween to early.

Punk: How often do I say that! All the time!

Rock: They even smell like real heads.

Panel #5:

Everyone is in the spaceship.

Cyborg: You guys thirsty?

Panel #6:

The cyborg is holding two bottles of water and you can see a pill inside each dissolving.

Cyborg: I added some….um…flavor packets!

Panel #7:

We see Rock about to take a drink out of the water.

Rock: Has anyone ever told you how much you look like the space city slasher?

Page #13:

Panel #1:

We see the ship exiting the planet.

Cyborg: Can’t say I have must be good looking guy!

Panel #2:

We see the hooded figure holding a knife headed towards ratface in the chair.

Ratface: I swear its all I know! I left them on that planet all by themselves!

Panel #3:

The hooded man is in the back swing of using the knife.

Panel #4:

The two random aliens are holding their hands out as the hooded figure has freed them, however ratface is still tied up.

Hood: If you two really want revenge on the dastardly duo come with me and you will have your revenge.

Panel #5:

We see the two walking away with the hooded figure.

Ratface: What about me?

Random aliens: Lets get the bastards.

Panel #6:

The hooded figure reveals his face to ratface, but not the readers. We see Ratface’s jaw has dropped.

Hood: I’ll just leave you to think.

Ratface: How is that even possible…?

Page #14:

Splash Page

(This ended up on a page turn fuck yes)

The man in the trench coat has his hood down revealing it is a much older version of Punk, he has both of the random aliens on each side of him.

Hood: I will find you two no matter what it takes.

Page #15:

Panel #1:

Inside the spaceship with cyborg, punk and rock.

Cyborg: You fellas mind if we stop at my place before I drop you off?

Punk: Sure why not?

Rock: Yeah what could go wrong?

Panel #2:

We see Punk and Rock deep in a trench.

Caption: Five days later.


Panel #3:

Close up of Cyborg’s face.

Cyborg: Shit!

Panel #4:

We see him running at tons of police officers with a machete.

Panel #5:

We see him getting gunned down.

Page #16:

Panel #1:

We see Punk and Rock with blankets sitting in the back of an ambulance.

Cop: Glad to find you when we did.

Punk: What would he have done to us?

Panel #2:

We see a giant blender and the cyborg in a hot tub of blood.

Cop: Well he would’ve put you in a giant blender then take a bath in you.

Panel #3:

We see the cop holding out a phone to the duo.

Cop: You boys got anyone you need to call?

Punk: I think we are kind of on our own.

Rock: I have someone..

Panel #4:

We see Rock on the phone.

Rock: Hey…yeah big brother it’s me……could you? I don’t mena to interrupt your tour…Thanks.

Panel #5:

Punk next to rock.

Punk: You have a brother?!?!?

Rock: Yeah… you are a big fan of his…. My brother is Diamond Neil..


Caption: Next issue we find out who old man Punk is and what he wants! We will also learn more about Diamond Neil!

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